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India Report is a cross platform offering which brings you the best of the news from the national and international front. It has news from various sports sections as well. Covering almost everything from news to entertainment, India report has taken the digital age into people's living rooms and every possible place, hence influencing the way they live and respond in these changing times. In a short span, we have created manifold relationships with millions of users.
Independent stand on the issues and its reliable and balanced presentation of the news and events have won for it the due attention that it deserved and regard of the people who matter in India. At India report we know how important news update can be. Obviously no one can deny staying updated with the latest happenings in the world of finance. Thus the news might be from finance, business, politics or sports, but it holds a equal and great prominence here at India Report.
At India report there is a plethora of information on politics as there is a dedicated section for it. This is not all that we have to offer, this news portal has some in-depth featured articles throwing light on the unknown aspects of the life which you might have missed out somewhere along the line.
The entertainment section boasts of some of the best and latest content available on the world of internet. It is the only place where you can enjoy the latest videos from the fields of entertainment at full screen at 1megabit speed. India report can play videos for you at 256 kilo bytes connection speed also. We have a trove of videos on every event and we keep on adding continuously. We have deliberately chosen to give our portal an Indian flavor. This can be felt anytime while viewing our entertainment section. This section also has some of the latest happenings from the world of Indian entertainment complemented by articles on the recent trends and developments in the Indian entertainment industry.
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The need to stay in touch with all the happenings be it from the world of business, political, sports or entertainment, is increasing with every passing day. People yearn for the news update as they unfold. This aspect of news coverage was not there in the past with people depending quite heavily on either print or electronic media. Now-a-days the scenario has changed a lot with the advent of internet. People can stay updated by switching to a site and know a thing as it happens. India Report which began its services in the year 2006 is a pioneer portal for all news updates from every single domain. It has dedicated section for general news, politics, sports (cricket, tennis, football. hockey) and entertainment. India Report also has some of the best featured articles on the news that are missed or impinge on the lives of the people. India Report has distinctly Indian flavor to it with news related to India carrying special attention.

India Report values the role of entertainment in the lives of people of India. To cater to this need of people it has got a separate section showcasing the latest videos from the world of entertainment. The videos can either be a marriage ceremony, a music launch, a film promotion or a promo, it has got it all. For those people who crave for stuff related to Hollywood they can have a look at the entertainment article section. It has got the recent happenings from the entertainment industry across the globe.

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India Report began its services in the year 2006 with a dedicated news section. Slowly but surely we are taking the digital age to all new levels. Credible and timely reporting is at the heart of this news venture. The news portal covers news from India and abroad on practically every issue-as it happens. The news section comprises of news from the politics, sports (be it cricket, tennis, hockey, football, etc.) and entertainment world. The news section can also be customized based on the user preference. It has news covering from even the remotest corner of India. It also has “Your Local Deals” Section that gives you the latest information from the world of business and finance plus the latest offers that suit you the most. The Indian perspective is inherent in the every news that we carry on our website India Report, so we never compromise on our Indian values irrespective of the fact that how modern we become.

The entertainment section at works in synchronization with the news section. It gets updated in a timely manner with latest videos ranging from different categories in the section. It can be a marriage ceremony, a music launch, a promo, film promotion or a press conference. For those who want wide-ranging news from the world of celebrities they can switch to the entertainment articles section. This section covers the latest happenings on the Hollywood front as well.

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According to a report announced by Information week that government of China has banned all types of trading related to Gold in China. The main purpose of this ban is to prevent illegal uses of virtual money to purchase of virtual items made of gold.

The ministry of China has said that virtual money which is been converted into legal money at a constant exchange rate, will allowed only to deal in virtual goods
and services provided by its members, not in real goods and services. That means totally market of gold farming is illegal in China. China has the world’s largest number of Internet users, with 298 million people online in the year of 2008. According to a survey held by the University of Manchester’s Richard Heeks in 2008 that 80 to 85 percents of gold farmers are based in China.

Under the new circumstances, Public Security Authorities will be banned the virtual money to use in gambling. Ministry of Culture is also looking to step up supervision on money launders through virtual credits and any other illegal activities on net.

World bank raised its forecast for China's economic growth rate from 6.5 % to 7.2 % in the year of 2009 and suggested policy developers to delay any more impulse plan to boost the world's third largest economy.

World Bank said Thursday in is largest quarterly that good government investment is the major key in the growth of China's economy but the private investment is likely to regular to leg. China's economy is continuously growing, it will expend 7.2% in 2009 from a year before, up from 6.5 % forecast in March.

Economists of world now estimating that increment of China's Economy is due to Government spending. China's government spent a lot of money into railways, public housing and social welfare programs. World bank warned that the risk of extra cash and money was being invested into incapable private and government industries and programs at the expense of the private sector.

Louis Kuijs, the World Bank economist said ,” Government investment has soared while at the same time market-based investment – where decisions are based on profit, sales and margins – has lagged behind substantially and will continue to lag because prospects for China's exports remain weak.”
"Economic growth of China is unlikely to rebound to a high single digit pace before the world economy recovers to solid growth," the bank said.